Update after a loooong time

So its been a minute since we did an update, so this post will be a snap shot for the year we have had and in the future I will attempt to do a post every month to keep yall updated. 2021. Not as bad as last year but has not been the smoothest. Aurora hand hand surgery in the spring and then before she was even fully healed, fell and broke her leg. Put us down for most of the spring and early summer. Then as we were preparing to ramp back up, I ended up in the ICU for six days. (Not COVID related) But we are back at it, with some major changes.

The wife got a job with Black Rifle Coffee Company, full time.With that I am learning the CNC and Laser aspects. My wife will still help out but it will mainly be me as of the first of the year. We also have moved to mostly commissioned based for most of our projects. Right now im working on a lot of projects for the family between Christmas gift making. 

Our daughter has joined us in the process. She is full time, part time. As she is still in high school, all work moves around schooling first. She got A B honor roll for this half of the school year and we are very proud. She also has fully launched her art career as well as an online streamer for video games. 

Scot is being his crazy self. He is in first grade and we are working with the school distract to get testing done for his Autism. But he is a happy little man, full of life and joy and has even started helping me out in the shop. Mostly sweeping and handing Dady tools. 

Well this will be it for today and this month. Like I said I will try to do one of these monthly but till Next Year, Merry Christmas from the Abrams Family to You. 

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