Shop Update!

While I am on hold for the USPS(delivered our business cards to who knows where) I figured I would give a quick shop update.

Last week Pat and I decided that we really needed more carving space for the CNC machine. We are getting orders for larger and larger projects. We decided it was just time. So I went ahead and ordered the extender pieces and they will be here today! I am super excited because I currently have a project that is 18"T and 32"W that I was looking at carving in a bunch of smaller pieces and then putting it together. Now we can just do a big solid piece since its out of Maple(yes, solid maple its is going to be amazing!) 

Pat has been working hard to build my new table and enclosure with lights for me. One to control the dust but also sound since it backs up to our little guys room. But also to be able to record more amazing videos. 

Well I am off to work on other things!

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