New Year = New Plans

With the start of 2020 there is a lot going on in our house. Between school and work we have zero down time. 

From September 15th, 2018 to December 22nd, 2019 we did 60 events.... Yes SIXTY events.

That doesn't include the fact we did custom projects, Pat going to school for welding or the fact that I traveled 4 times to Nevada to help with my Grandma or going back in August for my sister's wedding. 

Don't get me wrong I would not change the last 2ish years(we officially decided to do woodworking full time March 2018.) We are stronger as a family for sure. Being together as much as we are definitely stronger. But, we also do get on each others nerves a lot more too. All of us. It has taught all of us more patience and more communication skills with each other. 

Back to the main subject now.... Pat and I have so many plans for us as a family but also as a business. We are striving to better our products and have a better production timeline. Finding what works best for us has been hard but we use it as learning over anything else. We are hoping to get a full shop within the next year and have a clear divide between our home and business. One for space.... Our house is not big enough for a family of 4 with animals and a full woodworking business. And 2 to be able to expand our business to give our customers a better one on one experience with retail space but also more options for their custom projects. 

Ultimately our goal is what's going to work out best for our family and our business. As things progress we will keep everyone in the loop! 


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