Long Hot Summers of Texas!

Well today is June 20th and its been interesting to say the least here. The weather has been super hot already and crazy storms. We had to close down early yesterday because it was so hot. Then we had a thunderstorm late into the night. Texas weather has been crazy already. Maybe is it because Whataburger was sold to a company based in Chicago??? We may never know..... 

Pat and I have been working on new designs for cutting boards and flags and a few other custom items. Along with working 1 to 2 events every weekend. We are hoping to start doing more custom work and less events. But we will never stop doing them. We enjoy they way too much. But we are aiming to be more selective in the next year or so on what events we do do.

I am getting ready to head to Dallas and drop my grandma off for her to head back to Nevada. It's just too hot for her now. I warned her! 

I will cut this short for now but will add more pictures to the website soon and finish getting it set up. But first a restock of cutting boards! We are down to just a few......


So long for now!

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