Get to know the owners of AP Woodworks

While I am working hard to get everything photographed and prepped to post on here I thought I would add this so you can get to know us a little better. 

Let's start off with Patrick. Patrick was born and raised outside Seattle. Most of his family is still in the area including his parents and siblings and our gaggle of nieces and nephews. Patrick graduated from Bothell High School in 2004. He tried college and decided it just wasn't for him. In November 2005 he made the choice to join the army. Needless to say that went over like a snowball in hell. But it was done and he left November 15th, 2005 for basic training. After graduating from basic and AIT he joined the world of the 13 Bravos(field artillery) at 1st CAV 1st Brigade 1-82FA at Fort Hood, Texas in 2006. Later that year he deployed to Taji, Iraq from October 2006 to February 2008. After he returned he went to 2ID 3rd Brigade 1-37FA(when he was in this is what it was) at Fort Lewis, Washington. He deployed again with them to Iraq from July 2009 to July 2010. After he returned he tried to get a transfer to deploy again but to Afghanistan(yes he is crazy like that) but, instead he got a surprise of.... You are becoming a recruiter! And that's how our story began but more on that later.... So in 2011 he became a recruiter and was assigned to Sacramento Recruiting Battalion and was stationed at the Reno Recruiting station. While he was there he was enjoying the single life and partying and having fun. 

Let me split off and explain about me and I will come back to the fun of his time in Recruiting. 

So as you know I am Aurora. I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada. My entire family is still there. I have 1 sister who is 6 years younger than me(she is a big part of the story).  I graduated from Reno High School in 2006. Not long after graduation I found out I was pregnant. Save your judgements. I have never and will never regret getting pregnant at 18. March 18th, 2007 was the best day of my life(one of many to come). My beautiful girl Hannah came into this world. She became my everything. This beautiful girl was mine. Shortly after her birth I left her dad. That started a long and unnecessary legal battle for sole custody(its the past not going into details but it plays into this.) Finally, in 2010 I got sole custody. That was the most amazing feeling. Moving on now.... After that I decided I needed to do what was best and decided to join the Nevada National Guard. That decision was a catch 22. Short version I had a rare reaction to the Flu shot I was required to get. Same day I was leaving for basic training I ended up in the hospital. 5 days later it was determined I had Guillian Barre Syndrome. I accepted and moved on. Did what was needed for recovery. During that time my boyfriend at the time left me(why I was single for so long)and I decided I wasn't going to date until I was more recovered. Now we get back to our story.....

Patrick came to Reno in October 2011 and was assigned to Reno High School as the recruiter. At the time my sister was the Brigade Commander for Washoe County JROTC and was in her senior year at Reno High School. For some reason Patrick loved Reno High and all the students loved him. But in the mean time my sister teased him that he needed a girlfriend. After she graduated in June 2012 she started saw him at Best Buy(she won't let me forget this) and introduced Hannah but I wasn't paying attention and left without meeting him. Finally in July my sister and a friend of hers who both knew Patrick annoyed me to the point I said yes to at least meeting him and possibly be friends. We were closer in age and I wasn't a partier like the recruiters. They gave him my number and we met that night. We went to dinner and sat and talked until they closed at 10pm and then we went back to the recruiters station and talked more. I think it was close to 1am when we left. After that we were inseparable. Hannah was 5 at the time and I think she knew before I did that this was going to work. After about 2 weeks she asked him to be her daddy and not too long after he proposed to me in his own way. I have never let him live it down but I still wouldn't change it. We were originally planning to get married in 2013 but he came home and said why not this year? Meaning 2012. I was kind of shocked but I said yes and November 2nd, 2012 we got married. After 3 months of knowing each other. We talked to an attorney and he recommended a year of marriage before applying for Patrick to adopt Hannah. We put in for Hannah's adoption in March 2014. At the time I was also pregnant with Scot. We had 2 very exciting days March 31st and April 1st. March 31st we found out that we were having a boy(first in 2 generations on my side) and April 1st we meet with the judge who approved Patrick adoption of Hannah! And then not much later we found out we were coming to Fort Hood. Scot came into this world July 23rd, 2014.

We moved to Harker Heights in October of 2014 and Patrick started with 1st CAV 3rd Brigade 2-82FA in November. 

Pat decided that he was tired of the army and wanted to do something different. So he got out May 9th, 2017. At that time he decided he wanted to be a police officer. We were applying to any department that would consider him. 

Previously Pat had started back woodworking for some extra money but also stress relief. He had done woodworking in high school and really enjoyed it. And I had done woodworking with my grandpa growing up. 

Unfortunately, in July 2017 that dream ended. Pat fell 12ft and broke his back while working a temporary job. While he was recovering he decided to get back into woodworking full time. In March of 2018 we reopened and mid April we rebranded to AP Woodworks since we both were going to be involved full time!

I do most of the designs for the CNC and builds and Pat actually builds. We are both involved with every aspect of each piece we make. 

Sorry this is so long but we want you to know us and why we have chosen to do this and took the huge leap to make this a full time thing. Somedays I really question my sanity in starting our own business and other days I couldn't be happier doing this. I know I love what I do and I know Pat does too. 

Welcome to our wild ride we call life! Thanks for reading! I will have the website up and running 100% here in the next month or so!